Prison Fellowship Aotearoa – He Korowai Whakapono

Prison Fellowship Aotearoa
He Korowai Whakapono

Our charter with Prison Fellowship International

Prison Fellowship International is the legacy of the late Chuck Colson who was convicted for a Watergate-related offence as former aide to President Nixon. Matua Chuck served time in prison and through his lived experience realised that the real solution to crime is found in Jesus, through spiritual renewal.

Upon release, his new mission in life was to give people in prison the opportunity to turn their lives around, through Jesus.

In 1979 he founded Prison Fellowship International – the largest, most extensive association of Christian ministries working in criminal justice. Each trans-denominational national ministry is grounded in staunch indigenous leadership and local funding. This grassroots approach enables us to minister to people in prison and their families in culturally relevant ways. The heart of our ministry is our volunteers, who give so generously and powerfully of their time.

Prison Fellowship International is called and dedicated to communicating the redemptive love and transforming power of Jesus to people in prison, their families, and people who have been harmed by crime around the world.

Prison Fellowship International

Front: Marama Parore (Board Chair), Penny Gonnay (PFI Regional Director – Asia Pacific), Lady Ranapiri-Kupa (Manahautū – Director)
Back: Henry Feleti, Gary Shuttleworth, Tony Steele (Board Trustees)

“I don’t know that my life would have counted for anything so significant if it hadn’t been for my failures. Isn’t that something?”
Mary Kay Beard.